Poodle Clip: Dog Grooming Services – Frankie the Toy PoodleFrankie is a 2 year old Toy Poodle.

Frankie regularly gets a poodle clip at Scooby & Friends Dog Grooming Canberra. Frankie visits the salon every 5 weeks for a pamper session.

As her hair continually grows she needs to be clipped to keep her hair at a practical length. Clipping a dogs coat doesn’t mean it’s going to be shaved right down to the skin. Regular grooming and brushing in between visits means you can keep whatever length you like! If a dog of this type doesn’t visit the salon often, or doesn’t get brushed often, it can lead to knotting and matting of the hair which often means the only possible option is to shave the dog. Shaving the dog in this instance is the safest and most gentle way of removing the matting. Matting is extremely painful for dogs, so the best option is to groom regularly to prevent this from ever happening.

Frankie being a young excitable poodle, it has taken her a little while to get use to grooming. In the below picture you can see the progress of her grooming as she gets better and more use to grooming! She receives a nail clip and poodle ‘points’ which is a shaved face, shaved top of tail and shaved feet. This is the standard look for a poodle and keeps their face, feet and tail area clean.

Progress of Frankie's grooming as she gets better and better and more use to grooming!

Progress as Frankie gets used to grooming!

When Frankie isn’t at the salon she enjoys spending time with her human sister, going for long walks and playing with her ball!

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