Pug - Walter (Pug Deshed)Walter is a 4 year old Pug and his friend Charles is 2 year old Great Dane cross.

They both visit Scooby & Friends Dog Grooming Canberra for a wash, blow dry, deshed and nail clip and love having a play and a snooze while they’re at it!

A groom every few months for short haired breeds keeps their skin and coat in good condition, helps remove shedding and keeps their nails trimmed. Pugs also require some extra special care as they have skin rolls on their face that requires regular cleaning. If the skin rolls are not properly cleaned and dried, yeast infections can occur, resulting in smelliness and and itchiness.

They are best friends, they love cuddling and playing together. They’re like pinky and the brain! Charles wants to be friends with everyone and he loves lying in water on hot days and running up and down the stairs. Walter loves being on the couch or hiding in the doona/blanket and loves stealing Charles’s food any chance he gets!

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