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Dog Grooming Canberra salon Scooby & Friends by Sarah Russo offers Dog Grooming Services including Dog Wash & Dry, Tidy, Body Clip/Trim, Deshed.

Great friendly service. Our mini Schnauzer looked fantastic after his trim and we got exactly what we asked for.
Matt.n.Karen Richards
Matt.n.Karen Richards
09:58 07 Nov 17
Perfection - great service and care by Sarah - clean, happy dog - job done!
Paul Patti
Paul Patti
06:43 05 Jul 17
I can't recommend Scooby & Friends highly enough. We have 3 gorgeous greyhounds who adore Sarah and love their trips to the salon.One of our girls is particularly shy and cautious of humans and Sarah has worked very hard in building up her confidence. It's amazing to see how far she's come, she will even jump on the grooming table herself, it must be love! The girls come home looking and smelling beautiful with a cute ribbon to more
Alana Wade
Alana Wade
03:49 21 Jan 17
What an amazing talent Sarah has! My dog loves his visits and always comes back happy. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!
Mitchell Cox
Mitchell Cox
06:03 18 Jan 17
Wouldn't use any other groomer for my two greyhounds! Sarah is gentle and kind, she understands my dogs' needs and has a fantastic personality.
Natalie Stirling
Natalie Stirling
11:16 15 Jan 17

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Our Dog Grooming Services

We offer a range of Dog Grooming Services that will make even the dirtiest of dogs look mighty fine!

Wash & Towel Dry

Warm bath, shampoo, conditioner (if suitable for the coat type), nail clip and a towel dry. This service is suitable for dogs with short hair that will dry quickly without a blow dry. Also suitable for dogs that may be very nervous of the blow dryer.
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Body Clip/Trim

Warm bath, shampoo, conditioning (If suitable for the coat type) nail clip, blow dry, full body clip, styling of face, feet, tail, ears to your preference. Suitable for all breeds that require regular clipping to keep their fur manageable and knot free.
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Wash & Blow Dry

Warm bath, shampoo, conditioner (If suitable for the coat type), nail clip and a blow dry. This service is suitable for all dog coat types. We always wash and blow dry your pooch before he/she gets clipped resulting in a lovely smooth finish.
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Warm bath, shampoo, conditioning, nail clip, removal of excess/dead undercoat, tidy of feet, backside, ears and face as needed. Suitable for dogs with a double coat that do not require clipping.

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Warm bath, shampoo, conditioner (If suitable for the coat type) nail clip, blow dry, sanitary clip, face, feet, tail, belly tidy (does not include clipping off the hair on the body). May be used between clipping appointments to keep the hair manageable.
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Additional services

Nail clip
Matted coat removal
Flea shampooing
Medicated shampooing

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Our Inspiration

Meet the three dogs that inspired the name Scooby & Friends Dog Grooming


Scooby of Scooby & Friends Dog Grooming

Scooby is the old man of the trio. He loves sunbaking and is the most affectionate chihuahua you will ever meet!


Stevie of Scooby & Friends Dog Grooming

Stevie is such a character! She has the cutest under-bite, loves swimming, learning new tricks and cuddling.


Lucy of Scooby & Friends Dog Grooming

Lucy is our funny little terrier who loves to sleep (especially in the humans bed), eat and snore!

Importance of regular grooming

Grooming all year round is important, including winter months

If you pooch has fur that needs to be clipped, it is best to stick to a regular schedule all year round to keep the fur in top condition that is knot free. A 4-6 week schedule is necessary if you would like to keep your dogs coat in a longer length, or 6-8 weeks if you are happy to keep your dog short. Having your dog clipped does not mean it needs to be ‘shaved’ all year round. You can choose what length you would like, as regular grooming sessions will keep the coat maintained. If you dog does come to the salon with heavily knotted/matted hair, the only safe and comfortable way is to take your dog very short and start over. Just remember hair will always grow back! Regular grooming sessions can also pick up any skin issues, lumps or infections that may need vet attention. In addition to regular grooming sessions, regularly brushing and combing at home is essential. Please ask if you would like a demonstration on brushing and combing your dog.
So remember, to keep your pooch looking and feeling fabulous, consider the following recommendation:
4 – 6 weeks grooming schedule if you would like your dog’s coat a longer length
6 – 8 weeks grooming schedule if you would like a shorter more practical length