How to Book

View our Dog Grooming Services to learn more about what’s included in the each pamper session, and book your dog grooming session online. Feel free to contact me on 0430 535 034 or email to discuss your dogs pampering needs or to book in an appointment. Pricing outlined at time of booking is a quote and may change due to size of dog, service required, matting, or difficulty.

Dropping off and Picking up

On arrival at the Canberra Vet Hospital, please proceed to the reception area and let the staff know you have a grooming appointment. Please note your dog will need to be at Scooby & Friends for a period of time usually between 2 to 3 hours unless otherwise discussed. I will call you once the grooming session is complete. Rest easy knowing your dog is being well cared for during his/her stay and will be provided with water, adequate toilet breaks, and of course lots of love and cuddles!


Before your pooch can be pampered, we do need to make sure he/she is up to date with relevant vaccinations. All dogs need to be up to date with their yearly C3 (Kennel Cough vaccination) and yearly/3- yearly C5 (Parvo, distemper and hepatitis vaccination). Puppies must have had all their required vaccinations and boosters (usually 2-3 vaccinations) before they can have their first grooming session. Your vet will let you know when your dog is fully protected.

Matted dog policy

We will assess your dogs coat at time of check in, and if we notice that your dogs coat has become heavily matted we will need to take your dogs coat quite short, or even shave it close as this is the safest and most comfortable way to remove a matted coat. Matted coats will incur a fee on top of the regular grooming price which will start from $20. Once we remove the matted coat, your pet will feel a lot better and we can then discuss a grooming schedule to keep his/her hair in top shape all year round!

Flea policy

If we discover fleas on your dog during the grooming process, we will need to use appropriate flea shampoos to minimise the spread of fleas in the salon. We will charge an additional $5 for flea shampoo and clean up. Please note, flea shampoo is only an interim solution. Appropriate flea control will need to be used at home.

Veterinary care/emergencies

We can discuss any health/behaviour issues with you at drop off. Please let us know if your dog has issues with other dogs or people, or any significant illnesses/ailments so we can take the best care possible of your dog.

Cancellation policy

We do understand that emergencies do happen and things do come up. We ask that if you do need to cancel your appointment please call, email or text as early as possible (48 hours if possible) so we have time to fill that spot. A cancellation fee may apply if appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


Dog grooming is a busy busy industry! The best way to secure a grooming spot is by booking appointments in advance. We can work with you to organise a regular grooming schedule to ensure you will always have a groomer spot secured for your pooch.


Great friendly service. Our mini Schnauzer looked fantastic after his trim and we got exactly what we asked for.
Matt.n.Karen Richards
Matt.n.Karen Richards
09:58 07 Nov 17
Perfection - great service and care by Sarah - clean, happy dog - job done!
Paul Patti
Paul Patti
06:43 05 Jul 17
I can't recommend Scooby & Friends highly enough. We have 3 gorgeous greyhounds who adore Sarah and love their trips to the salon.One of our girls is particularly shy and cautious of humans and Sarah has worked very hard in building up her confidence. It's amazing to see how far she's come, she will even jump on the grooming table herself, it must be love! The girls come home looking and smelling beautiful with a cute ribbon to more
Alana Wade
Alana Wade
03:49 21 Jan 17
What an amazing talent Sarah has! My dog loves his visits and always comes back happy. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!
Mitchell Cox
Mitchell Cox
06:03 18 Jan 17
Wouldn't use any other groomer for my two greyhounds! Sarah is gentle and kind, she understands my dogs' needs and has a fantastic personality.
Natalie Stirling
Natalie Stirling
11:16 15 Jan 17

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