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I am currently booked with regular clients however from time to time random appointments may be available. To enquire please send me an email, text or fill out the contact us form.

We currently operate by appointment only Wednesday-Thursday 8.30am-3.30pm, with occasional Tuesdays. All dogs must be picked up once the groom has been completed or at an agreed time. An estimated amount of time per appointment will be discussed at the time of booking. Please note, this time may vary depending on the coat type, temperament of dog and any other circumstances that may arise. Emergencies may arise where I need to pick my daughter up from daycare before the end of the day, if this happens I will figure out the best solution and be in touch.

Size & Pricing Guide:

  • Small dogs – Up to 6kg – e.g. Maltese Terrier, Jack Russell, very small short Oodle.
  • Medium dogs – Up to 12kg – e.g. taller, averaged sized Oodle, Cavalier, small Kelpie, French Bulldog
  • Large dogs – Over 12kg* – e.g. Labradoodle, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Staffy
    *Extra Large Breeds currently not accepted – e.g. Newfoundland, St Bernard, Great Dane, Any extra large dogs over 25kg that require clipping

I am only accepting teddy bear and practical clips at this time. I am unable to offer breed specific clips which include schnauzer, poodles and west highland terriers. Sizes vary amongst breeds; prices are a guide only and a better quote can be discussed at booking request and then at drop off.

Difficult/anxious dogs, coat condition and thickness/length will also impact cost regardless of size.

Aggressive dogs or fearful dogs that try and bite the equipment will not be accepted for the safety of the dog and groomer.

Our Services:

  • FULL CLIP: Shampoo and conditioning treatment, facial cleanse and massage, blow dry, brushing and combing, full clip and styling, and nails followed by a cologne spritz.
  • BATH AND BLOW DRY/TIDY – LONG HAIRED DOGS: Shampoo and conditioning treatment, blow dry, brushing/combing, a small tidy of face, feet and hygiene areas if required, and nails followed by a cologne spritz. This service does not include a body clip.
  • DESHEDDING – LONG HAIRED DOGS: Deep deshedding treatment using specific products in the bath and during blow drying/brushing to remove all dead loose undercoat, facial cleanse and massage, and nails followed by a cologne spritz. Tidy of feet, hygiene areas and ears as required.
  • BATH AND BLOW DRY – SHORT HAIRED DOGS: Warm bath with shampoo and conditioner, a facial cleanse and massage, followed by a blow dry/brush out, and nails followed by a cologne spritz. Deshedding options available.
  • EXPRESS WASH: Basic wash service includes a warm bath with shampoo and conditioner, a facial cleanse and massage, followed by a towel dry and cologne spritz. Nail clip if needed.

Contact Information

Address: Canberra Veterinary Hospital, Cnr Barton and Federal Highway, Lyneham ACT 2602
Phone Number: 0430 535 034

Opening Hours

Wednesday/Thursday: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Occasional Tuesday

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