Tick season is upon us! It is very important that you are on the lookout for ticks. The dreaded paralysis tick is generally found in warm coastal areas, however lately paralysis ticks are being found on dogs that haven’t left Canberra! Here are a couple of tips to help you prevent or identify ticks:


What does a tick on a dog look like? This is what a tick hiding on a dog looks like. It is important to remember that ticks come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Tick prevention treatment. Particularly if you are heading to the coast with your pooch, always take the necessary precautions with a tick prevention treatment which you can buy at your local vet or pet store.

Regular grooming. If you have quite a hairy pooch that receives clipping, you can choose to take their coat shorter than usual to help with detecting ticks. If you have a dog that requires de-shedding, removing the excess dead undercoat in a de-shed session could help make it easier to find ticks. If you would like to book in a groom please feel free to book onlineemail or call (0430 535 034).

Search for ticks on your dog. Even with tick protection and regular grooming, you must still thoroughly check your dog over as ticks can still find their way onto your pet. Feel over the entire body, brushing your fingers through the fur with enough pressure to find any lumps.

The below pictures (Thanks to my doggy Stevie for being such a good model in the photos ?) show a few of the spots that ticks like to hide so pay close attention to these areas:

Ticks - Neck and head

Neck and head
Feel the skin slowly with your fingers looking at the skin through the hair as thoroughly as possible to spot any lumps.


Check inside and outside the ears and surrounding areas thoroughly.

Lips and eyelids
Pull your dog’s lip up and check on their lip line and surrounding areas. Be sure to check around the dog’s eyelids too.

Ticks - Tail

Tail area
Check the tail area on top (in photo) and under the tail near the anus (not in photo… my dog Stevie does not approve of that type of photo of her! ?).

Ticks - Toes & Pads

Toes and pads
Feel and check very thoroughly in between every toe and in under the pad area.

Ticks - Armpits & Groin

Armpits and groin
Feel and inspect the armpit and groin regions.


If you suspect your dog might have a tick, you can call Canberra Vet Hospital on 6241 3333 or Canberra Veterinary Emergency Services (after-hours) on 6225 7257 or the local vet in your area.

If you would like to book in a grooming session at Scooby & Friends Dog Grooming, please schedule a session by booking onlineemail or call (0430 535 034). Feel free to ask for your dog’s coat to be taken shorter than usual if you would like.